Introducing the Alde Flow

  • Published on 23rd November 2017

Shower yourself, your family, and even the family pet, and never run out of hot water.

New for 2018, the Alde Compact 3020 HE boiler with Flow Continuous Hot Water introduces cutting edge performance and ecomony, with Alde's famed comfort and all-season reliability.

With a hydronic radiant heating system it makes a lot of sense to integrate domestic hot water— You just need two concentric cylinders. The Alde boilers are well-known worldwide for providing heating and hot water, and the latest Compact 3020 HE can further upgraded with the Alde Flow, providing continuous hot water.

We love a long shower

Enjoy your shower-time

In North America, Alde are launching the Compact 3020 HE boiler and Flow Continuous Hot Water system in unison, so American and Canadian users can enjoy the ultimate in showering luxury.