Experience superior heating

  • Published on 20th December 2016

Discover the origins of Alde.

Alde was founded more than 60 years ago by Swedish caravanner, Alde Rask. Looking for a way to keep his family warm while holidaying in the depths of the Scandinavian winter, Alde developed a hydronic heating system inspired by engine radiators and domestic boilers.

The design was a hit, paving the way for the company’s popular Comfort series, which has been bringing heat to thousands of caravans across Europe for more than 20 years.

A lot has changed since then but the essence of Alde’s invention remains – a high-quality system that warms every inch of your RV, helping to make it a true haven even in the most hostile weather.

Today, Alde has developed the 3020 Compact, the lightest, most compact combi boiler in the world. Owners can enjoy all-round heat and hot water, with almost no loss of interior space. And on top of that, the 3020 is designed to be silent, so it won’t intrude on your relaxation time or disturb your sleep.

A computerised gas and electric system, along with low 12V battery consumption, also mean that the Compact is highly efficient whether connected to the mains or fully off grid.

So, for a comfortable experience all year round, make sure your next RV is fitted with an Alde heating system.

At Alde we are constantly innovating and thinking about ways to make your outdoors adventure even more comfortable and homely. Our next development is Alde Flow, which will enable you to have continuous hot water in your RV. Shower for as long as your fresh water supply lasts, unlimited if you’re on city water. Another quality of life improvement from Alde. You’re welcome!

All weather. All seasons. All day.