Four seasons explorers guide

  • Published on 19th December 2016

RVs and travel trailers equipped with Alde are ready for four season exploring, offering comfortable, reliable and efficient heat and hot water all year round.

For the intrepid explorers amongst us, this makes it the heating system of choice to hit the open road all year round and go discover our spectacular landscapes.


Winter - Yellowstone National ParkView larger
Yellowstone National Park in Winter.

Back in 1958, Alde Rask decided he wanted to take his family on a trip, in Winter, in Sweden. At the time, no system would have allowed them to camp out in their family trailer, so Alde designer one. Over the years it has proved to be one of the finest systems available, innovation and technology have taken it to new standards, but the core system remains the same, so even Winter can’t stop us getting out there.

Whilst others are safely tucked up in their homes, we like to be out there exploring and there really is no better place to be than Yellowstone National Park in Winter. We have to admit, it’s stunning all year round, but the colder months bring out the best in this vast landscape. Thick layers of snow on the mountain peaks mean that you’ll get to see free roaming bison on the lower grounds where they’ll keep bears, elks, wolves and antelope company. The ever changing skies form a canopy for many long walks and sightseeing, and at the end of each day, you can return home to the comfort of your cosy trailer for the night.


To us, Spring means family, and Spring break is a classic time to go on an adventure. Whilst the longer days bring a much needed freshness to the air, evenings can still be chilly, so your Alde equipped RV is the perfect cosy spot for a long evening family meal after a day full of discovery.

Whilst there are endless destinations on our list for Spring, we’ve plumped for Georgia, Atlanta. A favourite amongst family RVers, you’ll be close to endless tourist sites with breathtaking scenery, Stone Mountain Park with its spectacular laser show and Amicalola Fall State Park where you can even discover the 729 ft hidden waterfall. If the outdoors becomes a little too much for the younger family members, head into the city of Atlanta and visit the world’s largest Aquarium, the world of Coca-Cola or even the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site for a bit of culture.


Moving in to Summer, this is the time our great land offers us the most opportunity to get out there and explore. Setting off for a few weeks in the super relaxed city of San Francisco always puts a smile on our face, so that’s the Summer destination we’ve chosen.

A unique combination of heritage, culture, sea, city and dramatic landscapes make this an amazing place to set up camp. The San Fransisco RV resort not only offers spectacular views out across the Pacific Ocean, but hope on to the 280 and it’s literally only a few miles in to the centre of the city with endless attractions and  things to do.  Head out the opposite way and you’ll soon find yourselves in the awe inspiring San Pedro Valley Park to enjoy the great outdoors to the max.


To make the most of Fall, we’d set our sights on the seven New England States - glorious days, vibrant colours and cosy evenings hunkered down in our RV of choice. We’ve cheated a little here as we’ve found what we thought, is the perfect route through all of the New England States. ( An 800 mile round trip with 8 campgrounds open throughout Fall.

Your Alde heating system really starts to come into its own in Fall again, pre set your heating or set remotely so that you’ll walk in to a cosy home after long, hard days of exploring nature and endless hot water to enjoy a long, relaxed soak to ease you in to a great night’s sleep and the dawn of another day.

We’ll attempt to make this a regular annual guide as we are truly blessed with landscapes and cities throughout our 48 States. They offer unlimited opportunities to explore and Alde heating and hot water systems have always been the No1 choice for the explorers of the world.