The Alde Story

Founded some 60 years ago by Swedish caravaner, Alde Rask. Alde developed a mobile hydronic heating system that works like a home. The rest is history…

Alde van

The Alde story

Alde Rask

Alde Rask founds Alde

Without this ingenious inventor from the tiny town of Farlov in Sweden, the world would have been just that little bit less pleasant. His ideas for improving comfort in caravans and camper van continue to permeate everything we do even now.

He worked constantly on new solutions and new products throughout all the years he spent working with the company. He was a true entrepreneur.

Alde trailer

New times

After the Second World War, there’s a major shortage of products in all industries. Alde RuRk decides to form Alde together with his brothers-in-law. Gunnar Eklund & Erik Ohlin, in 1949, and initially they manufacture products for trailers.

Alde developer electric brakes, opening up and entire new market over the decades to come.

In 1950, the ingenious Rusk builds a caravan based on an Alde trailer - perhaps the first of its kind in Sweden!

The first Alde boiler

The first mobile boiler is born

“At last! The perfect hearing for caravans”, proclaims the 1966 advertising folder.

This is when the first mobile boiler sees the light of day following an intense period of development at Alde. The boiler is highly praised for its efficiency.

Alde expand into Europe

Out into Europe

Alde Rask and his family often spent time traveling down to Europe with their car and caravan. Being the inquisitive person he was, he snapped up new opportunities and forged new contacts. This results in the first export of Alde products to a caravan factory in Yugoslavia.

The company then beings to develop quickly, requiring larger factory premises and more staff.

1973 - Alde's building


An eagerly awaited new building is completed, followed by the new assembly hall a few years later.

After 25 years of owning the company, Alde sells out to Optimus and the company’s name is changed to Optimus-Alde AB.

A large number of new products are launched, including the revolutionary Comfort boiler.

1986 - Alde International AB

Alde International AB

Four members of staff take over the company and change its name to Alde International AB. The company’s logo is changed at this time to the one we still use today.

The business continues to grow, premises are extended and the building facades are altered.

1994 - Industry Innovation of the Year

Winners of 'Industry innovation of the Year'!

A revolutionary new LPG boiler, the Alde Compact 3000, is launched. This is a combination boiler with a built-in immersion heater and water heaters.

At the time of launch, this boiler wins the “Industry Innovation of the Year” award for 1994.


New foreign owners

Alde is bought out by a privately owned corporate group active in the leisure industry and so increases its chances of international expansion.

Alde reinforces its position as a leader in its industry.  Swedish quality and innovation are highly appreciated the world over!

2001 - Alde expand into Germany

Hello Germany!

In 2001, the company forms a subsidiary in Germany, Alde Deutschland GmbH, which is based in Rothlein.

Aldes takes over the Primus heating division, thereby also taking over the responsibility for spare parts and servicing for Primus boilers throughout Europe.

2006 - Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating wins out!

In 2006, the world sees the launch of the Alde Compact 3010, a more advanced version of the Alde Compact 3000. The demand for hydronic heating is increasing more quickly than the market as a whole.

Growth continues and the company focuses even more on the international expansion.

2009 - Alde expand into the UK

Hello UK!

In 2009, a subsidiary is founded in the UK, Alde International (UK) Ltd, in Wellingborough.

The company develops well and the UK will develop in the future to become one of our biggest markets.

2012 - Alde expand into the US

Hello America!

Alde head across the Atlantic in 2012, to the huge North American market. A company is started in the UA, Alde Corp, in Washington on the north-west coast of America.

The company also focuses on the Canadian market.