Information is available below about our view on sponsorship and our sponsorship policy specifies how we work with sponsorship. If your activity falls within the framework of our sponsorship policy, you are welcome to apply for for sponsorship with Alde.

Definition of sponsorship

Sponsorship is a collaboration on commercial grounds to the mutual benefit of two or a number of parties. The sponsor supports the sponsee with money, goods or services and in return receives advertising and other marketing value. If no requirements for something in return have been agreed, it is not sponsorship, but rather a question of a gift or donation. Exceptions are sponsorship for research and development as well as personnel expenses where nothing is required in return as well as if there is a strong connection between the sponsor’s and the sponsee’s business operations.

Business idea

Alde’s business idea is to offer premium hydronic heating systems for the global recreational vehicle market.

Sponsorship policy

We have drawn up a sponsorship policy which constitutes the basis for a commercial evaluation of the enquiries we receive.

Alde wants its sponsorship to contribute to improvements and successes in society and simultaneously views sponsorship as an element in strengthening the brand, it is therefore important that our sponsorship supports the values with which we want to be associated. Sponsorship must create, maintain and strengthen our relationships to existing and potential customers and society in general as well as create pride and engagement among our employees.

Our sponsorship can be found within the following areas: Sport, Environment and Human Sponsorship.


Sport is an important part of our way of life, promotes health and creates natural meeting places. Many of our existing and potential customers are directly or indirectly active within sport in their leisure time. Sports activities also take place in connection with being away from home, when Alde’s products are put to use. It is therefore important for Alde to demonstrate its engagement and be associated with sport and leisure time.

Alde would like  involvement in sports at the local level. Local sponsorship constitutes an additional tool to create positive attitudes and build a strong image surrounding our products and our company.


A clean and healthy environment is a prerequisite for our well-being and our health. It is also important for Alde as our products are used away from home during all seasons; in environments for activity, relaxation or when people want to experience something new. Alde therefore supports organisations which work to promote a better environment, so that we continue to experience new places in the future too, both nationally and internationally.

Human sponsorship

Alde wants to be perceived as the warm, welcoming company that is always ready to provide assistance and show consideration. It is consequently natural for Alde to support organisations within Human sponsorship. At the same time as Alde contributes assistance for humanitarian purposes, it is an element in strengthening the profile of the warm, welcoming company. Alde chooses to support national organisations which work to ensure the health and security of both adults and children in society.

1. Objective

  • Sponsorship should increase awareness of Alde’s operation and strengthen the profile of the warm, welcoming company.

2. Guidelines

  • Our engagement within sponsorship must be primarily at the local level. We also have a presence nationally and internationally, and when deemed relevant our sponsorship must also include these arenas.
  • As our customers are members of the general public, we want our sponsorship to be popular and reach a broad cross-section of society.
  • We should be involved within the principal areas of sport, environment and human sponsorship and within the areas where our end consumers are to be found, for example, camping and outdoor life.
  • Sponsorship should take place through collaborations where Alde receives a clear return in the form of exposure.

3. Delimitation

Alde will not sponsor:

  • Political parties or religious organisations.
  • Companies/organisations which pursue activities which can harm people, animals or the environment.
  • Companies/organisations with activities that can be regarded as unethical or that generate badwill.

4. Parameters for support and collaboration

  • Written agreements must always be drawn up – regardless of economic scope or whether reimbursement is made in the form of goods or services instead of cash funds. The term of the agreement must be specified and there must be details of responsibility, purpose and the goal of the sponsorship and the return.
  • The sponsorship is signed for one year at a time. The sponsorship and the results it has produced are reviewed every year, so that we, as well as the sponsee, obtain the maximum possible benefit from the sponsorship.

Apply for sponsorship

Make an application here:

  1. Read our sponsorship policy.
  2. If you consider that your proposal for sponsor support or sponsor collaboration complies with our guidelines, test your project below.

Test your project

You can test your proposal for sponsor support or sponsor collaboration here. If you have answered yes to all questions then you are welcome to proceed and complete the application below. If you have answered no to one or several questions you should review your proposal.

  1. Is your activity within sport, environment, human sponsorship or within the areas in which we operate, for example, camping and outdoor life?
  2. Is your activity broad and popular?
  3. Can you offer a return where Alde is exposed to a wide audience?

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship please contact us by sending an e-mail to:


Stefan Lindström

Marknadsansvarig/tillförordnad VD