You should therefore choose Alde's hydronic heating system

Boiler Alde Compact 3030

Wonderful quiet heat in all weathers

The boiler produces heat for heating and hot water. To heat up the glycol fluid (the fluid that circulates round the heating system), energy from liquid petroleum gas or electricity is required. In the boiler, there is a liquid petroleum gas fired burner that works in two power steps, depending on how much heat is needed. If the caravan in connected to 230 V (120 V in US), you can choose electrical heating using the inbuilt immersion heaters in the boiler.

If you need extra heating, you can run on liquid petroleum gas and electricity at the same time, to obtain as rapid heating as possible. If you want the boiler to prioritise electricity for heating ahead of liquid petroleum gas, you can select this easily from the control panel. You can also select the opposite, and have liquid petroleum gas as the prioritised form of energy.

In order for the heated glycol fluid to circulate in the system, a circulation pump is required. Usually, it is fitted immediately adjoining the boiler.

The boiler has an inbuilt water heater, which makes sure you always have hot water for the shower and the kitchenette as soon as the boiler is running. The water heater provides about 15 litres (4 gal) of ready-mixed 40 ºC (104 ºF) hot water. If you are a winter camper and do not want freshwater in the vehicle, you can still run the heating system.

The waterborne system that provides quiet, comfortable and effective heating.

  • Can be powered by both liquid petroleum gas and electricity.
  • Inbuilt 8,4-litre (2.2 gal) water heater.
  • Can be supplemented by comfort and efficiency improving accessories.

Alde Flow

Hot water for the entire family with Alde Flow

Alde Flow is the smart comfort solution that gives you hot water for as long as you want via a separate water heater that is connected to the vehicle's heating system. Alde Flow connects into the heating system and preheats the freshwater before it is conveyed into the boiler's ordinary water heater.

With a normal shower flow, Alde Flow together with Alde Compact 3030/3020 HE delivers 3.5 litres (0.9 gal) of 40-degree (104 ºF) shower water per minute for as long as you have water left in your freshwater tank.

For older boilers such as Alde Compact 3010 and 3020, Alde Flow acts as an extra, 6-litre (1.6 gal), hot water tank.

  • Extra water heater which produces 3.5 litres (0.9 gal) of continuous hot water per minute 40 ºC (104 ºF).
  • Compact solution which connects to direct heating boiler.
  • Simple to control via Alde Control Panel.
  • Also fits older 3010/3020 systems.

*Last year's model 2016.


Heating that surrounds you in a comfortable climate

The convectors consist of heating pipes with densely packed aluminium plates. They are placed by the outer walls, usually hidden behind the furniture. The convectors emit heat that, via self-convection, surrounds you with a protective curtain of heat – an optimal solution that prevents draughts and downdraughts.

This is how self-convection works
In our heating system, we make use of the fact that hot air naturally rises upwards, so-called self-convection. The convectors heat up the air, which rises and heats the walls and furniture as well as forming an air barrier between the windows to keep the cold out. When the warm air reaches the ceiling, it circulates down and inwards towards the floor and is reheated by the convectors. In this way you obtain gentle, quiet and efficient heating in the vehicle.

Convectors can also be placed with advantage in other spaces in the vehicle where extra, additional, heating is required such as, for example, behind the driver seats in mobile homes or in small insulated storage spaces, where there would otherwise be a risk for frost.

  • Gentle, quiet and efficient heating.
  • Uniform heat distribution in the whole vehicle.
  • Prevents draughts and downdraughts by windows.

Underfloor heating

Once you have experienced a warm floor there's no going back.

Our underfloor heating with coils in the floor gives you a cosy, warm floor and that extra feeling of comfort. It consists of coiled pipes with heat-conducting plates which are milled into the floor. This gives you a complete heating system with a warm, comfortable floor on which to rest your feet. The coils are connected into the ordinary heating system and the heat flow is usually governed via shunt valves.

Underfloor heating is an excellent complement to the heating system's convectors and contributes to rapid heating and even and comfortable warmth in the vehicle.

  • Produces cosy, warm floors which increase the feeling of comfort.
  • Connects to the ordinary heating system which can be heated with both electricity and LPG.
  • Excellent complement to the heating system's convectors.
  • Hydronic underfloor heating is only available with Alde Heating System.

Fan convectors

Dry your damp clothes and shoes

It is a wonderful everyday luxury to be able to dry towels, clothes and shoes with a fan convector in the wardrobe. A function that not only extends the camping season, but one that is also much appreciated on a normal summer evening. The fan convector can also be placed with advantage in other spaces where extra heating is needed.

The fan convector is a specially manufactured convector with heating pipes and extra densely packed aluminium plates that are connects to the vehicle's ordinary heating system. To really get the air moving, two 12-volt fans are fitted under the convector. The fans can be either controlled by a switch
or via the control panel.

  • Smaller size than the standard convectors.
  • Rapid heat distribution using two 12-volt fans.
  • Especially suitable in small spaces such as, for example. wardrobes.

Panel radiators

Elegant solution for heating in small spaces.

The flat aluminium panel radiator is usually placed in small spaces, for example, in the toilet or the wardrobe. There, it emits comfortable heat while it blends in well with the furnishings, thanks to the discreet design. As an accessory, the cover can be replaced by a towel holder.

  • More compact size than traditional convectors allowing it to be placed in smaller spaces.
  • Elegant design that matches the vehicle's furnishings.
  • Available with towel holder as accessory.

Heated towel rail

Always dry, warm towels

With Alde Towel Rails you have warm towels available after every refreshing shower or swim in the summer. As a bonus you benefit from additional heat in the toilet area.

Our heated towel rails are available in many different models, including both chrome-plated and white versions in various sizes in order to blend in perfectly with most toilet areas. The heated towel rails are connected to the ordinary heating system. They have a high heat output and some models also have thermostatic control. Alde Heated Towel Rails give you delightfully warm towels and extra warmth in the toilet area.

  • High heat output.
  • Provides comfortable heat in the toilet area.
  • Available in several different formats and versions.
  • Connects into Alde´s ordinary heating system.

Heat booster

Fast and directional heating for small spaces

Thanks to the compact design with convector and heating coil, you can obtain efficient fast and directional heating, even in small spaces. The heat booster consists of a heating coil with one or two 12-volt fans, depending on the model. The compact design allows it to be placed, for example, under the mobile home's seats in the driver's cab, which gives even more comfort during the journey. The booster can either be controlled by a switch or via the control panel.

  • High heating power.
  • Fast heat distribution via two 12-volt fans.
  • Compact format, which allows it to be placed well hidden.

Control panel

Control everything yourself, or have the automatic system do most of the work

A simple and clear display enables you to control several smart functions and settings, automatic air conditioning and night mode for example. You can also use the control panel remotely via an app in your smartphone, which gives you full control of your heating system wherever you are.

The control panel has a clear and user-friendly touchscreen with an intuitive and easy to navigate menu system, similar to the one on your smartphone. You can choose to control everything yourself, or have the automatic system do most of the work.

All key functions such as required temperature, extra hot water and energy selection are available directly on the start page. You also have the option here of making smart presettings, night mode for example, which mean that the temperature is automatically lowered to the required temperature at the time you have selected.

A tools menu is available if you want to make further adjustments or connect additional functions. You also control your accessories from here, underfloor heating and heat exchanger for the motorhome's engine for example.

The control panel can also be used to control air conditioning* and thus obtain full automatic climate system in the vehicle.
The location of the control panel in the vehicle varies depending on manufacturer and model.

If you would like to test control panel and its functions, click here.

  • User-friendly with clear touchscreen.
  • Makes it simple to control the heating system and has smart additional functions such as night mode for example.
  • Simple to supplement with control of accessories.
  • Can also control air conditioning* and provide full climate function in the vehicle.

    * Applies for Truma Aventa comfort, Truma Aventa eco, Truma Saphir comfort RC and Truma Saphir compact.

Heating mat

Cosy heat in the cab while you’re driving.

That's when it's cosy to supplement your vehicle with a heating mat from Alde. Our heating mat provides warm and cosy comfort for both you and your passengers.

The heating mat is connected to the ordinary heating system using quick-release couplings, which make it easy to fit and remove the mat as the season demands. It is available in various models and formats to suit your motorhome.

  • Provides cosy warmth in the driver's cab while on the move.
  • The material quality is adapted for commercial traffic, making it extremely hardwearing.
  • Available in several different formats and versions adapted for different models of vehicle.
  • Connects into Alde´s ordinary heating system with quick-release couplings.

Heat exchanger

Utilise the motorhome engine's cooling system to heat the living area and produce hot water.

You can then save both energy and the environment with our heat exchanger. It utilises the motorhome engine's cooling system for heating and production of hot water. It only works if you have a hydronic heating system.

You can use your engine's cooling system to heat the living area using a heat exchanger in combination with Alde's hydronic central heating system. This will give you hot water as well, which is also heated by the motorhome’s engine. The only thing you need to do is to set the required temperature on the control panel, the system takes care of the rest automatically.

For winter campers, the heat flow can also be reversed together with a circulation pump on the engine side. The heat exchanger will then act as an engine heater, as the heating system will heat the engine’s cooling system.

The environmentally-friendly heat exchanger is one of the unique functions that you can only obtain with a hydronic heating system.

  • Preheats the living area while travelling.
  • Can be used as an engine heater (if circulation pump is connected on the engine side).
  • Simple to control via the control panel.
  • Environmentally-friendly thanks to use of surplus heat and preheating of motor.

Seat Heating Convector

Custom made convectors under the driver and passenger seat.

Custom made convectors under the driver and passenger seat.

Alde Automatic Climate Control (ACC)

The complete comfort solution – all year round

Set your desired room temperature once and automatic climate control takes care of the rest. Whether outdoor temperatures climb or drop, you'll be comfortable with your ideal, stable temperature indoors. Fully integrated with our programming, you don't even need to touch the control panel at bedtime.   

By supplementing your Alde Heating System with air conditioning from Truma, you get the complete climate system, which senses indoor and outdoor temperatures and adjusts fan speeds and temperature to the ideal level. You never have to worry about turning the AC on or off again - everything is taken care of automatically.

Alde Automatic Climate control
Alde Compact 3030/3030 Plus is ready to be connected to a Truma AC and give you automatic climate control. Add room sensors  and a load monitor and you have the complete comfort solution.

This is how it works
• Enter the desired temperature on the control panel. You can select a specific temperature for Normal Mode, Night Mode and an additional mode for day if needed. 
• The boiler and the AC then balance heating and cooling. The boiler and the AC never work against each other, avoiding rapid, unwanted changes of heat and cold. The AC adjusts the fan speed to the cooling demand, depending on the outdoor temperature.
• The AC never needs to be turned off. In hot climates where the AC needs to run at night, it automatically runs quieter during the selected Night Mode period.

Advantages with Alde Automatic Climate Control
• Stable temperature around the clock, all year round without having to change settings. 
• Your ideal room temperature, day and night. 
• Enjoy a calm, comfortable indoor atmosphere with subtle transitions in temperature. 
• Practical, hands-off control with no extra complexity. 
• Faster heat-up times in cold weather with the boiler and AC heat pump working together (not available in Truma Aventa Compact).

Optional: With an Alde load monitor you can stop worrying about tripping circuit breakers. The load monitor reduces the output of both the boiler and the AC if the amperage exceeds the limit you set.

Room sensors for deluxe comfort
Optional: With two room sensors—one in the sleeping area and one by the sitting area—you can choose a temperature for each zone. Just enter the desired temperature, and the automation will take care of the rest.


  1. Boiler Alde Compact 3030/3030 Plus
  2. Load monitor
  3. Outdoor sensor
  4. Discrete room sensor 2 (Seating area)
  5. Discrete room sensor 1 (Bedroom)
  6. Truma AC