Upgrade your heating system with Alde Accessories

Using our accessories, you can enjoy even more cozy, carefree comfort in your motorhome or trailer. Our range of original accessories is constantly expanding. They are all developed by our own experts so that they function effectively and safely.


Hot water for the entire family with Alde Flow

Alde Flow is the best friend for marathon showerers and teenagers

Alde Flow is the smart comfort solution that gives you hot water for as long as you want via a separate water heater that is connected to the vehicle’s heating system. Alde Flow connects into the heating system and preheats the freshwater before it is conveyed into the boiler’s ordinary water heater.

With a normal shower flow, Alde Flow together with Alde Compact 3020HE delivers 1 gallon of 105-degree Fahrenheit shower water per minute for as long as you have water left in your freshwater tank.

For older boilers such as Alde Compact 3010 and 3020, Alde Flow acts as an extra, 1.5 gallon, hot water tank.

*Last year’s model 2016

  • Extra water heater which produces 1 gallon of continuous hot water per minute (105º F)
  • Compact solution which connects to direct heating boiler
  • Simple to control via Alde Control Panel
  • Also compatible with the older Compact 3010/3020 as an extra hot water tank, however the ability for constant water will not be available

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Dry towels all year round with our heated towel rails

Always dry, warm towels

With Alde Towel Rails you have warm towels available after every refreshing shower or swim in the summer. As a bonus you benefit from additional heat in the toilet area.

Our heated towel rails are available in many different models, including both chrome-plated and white versions in various sizes in order to blend in perfectly with most toilet areas. The heated towel rails are connected to the ordinary heating system. They have a high heat output and some models also have thermostatic control. Alde Heated Towel Rails give you delightfully warm towels and extra warmth in the toilet area.

  • High heat output
  • Provides comfortable heat in the toilet area
  • Available in several different formats and versions
  • Connects into Alde´s ordinary heating system.


Heat exchanger for motorhome engine – only at Alde

Count yourself lucky if you are driving a motorhome and have an Alde hydronic heating system

You can then save both energy and the environment with our heat exchanger. It utilizes the motorhome engine’s cooling system for heating and production of hot water. It only works if you have a hydronic heating system.

You can use your engine’s cooling system to heat the living area using a heat exchanger in combination with Alde’s hydronic central heating system. This will give you hot water as well, which is also heated by the motorhome’s engine. The only thing you need to do is to set the required temperature on the control panel, the system takes care of the rest automatically.

For winter campers, the heat flow can also be reversed together with a circulation pump on the engine side. The heat exchanger will then act as an engine heater, as the heating system will heat the engine’s cooling system.

The environmentally-friendly heat exchanger is one of the unique functions that you can only obtain with a hydronic heating system.

  • Preheats the living area while travelling
  • Can be used as an engine heater (if circulation pump is connected on the engine side)
  • Simple to control via the control panel
  • Environmentally-friendly thanks to use of surplus heat and preheating of motor

There's no heat as cosy as Alde underfloor heating

Once you have experienced a warm floor there's no going back.

Our underfloor heating with coils in the floor gives you a cozy, warm floor and that extra feeling of comfort. It consists of coiled pipes with heat-conducting plates which are milled into the floor. This gives you a complete heating system with a warm, comfortable floor on which to rest your feet. The coils are connected into the ordinary heating system and the heat flow is usually governed via shunt valves.

Underfloor heating is an excellent complement to the heating system’s convectors and contributes to rapid heating and even and comfortable warmth in the vehicle.

  • Produces cosy, warm floors which increase the feeling of comfort.
  • Connects to the ordinary heating system which can be heated with both electricity and LPG.
  • Excellent complement to the heating system’s convectors.
  • Hydronic underfloor heating is only available with Alde Heating System.

Full control with Alde Manöverpanel 3020 HE

Control everything yourself, or have the automatic system do most of the work

A simple and clear display enables you to control several smart functions and settings, automatic air conditioning and night mode for example. You can also use the control panel remotely via an app in your smartphone, which gives you full control of your heating system wherever you are.

The control panel has a clear and user-friendly touchscreen with an intuitive and easy to navigate menu system, similar to the one on your smartphone. You can choose to control everything yourself, or have the automatic system do most of the work.

All key functions such as required temperature, extra hot water and energy selection are available directly on the start page. You also have the option here of making smart presettings, night mode for example, which mean that the temperature is automatically lowered to the required temperature at the time you have selected.

A tools menu is available if you want to make further adjustments or connect additional functions. You also control your accessories from here, underfloor heating and heat exchanger for the motorhome’s engine for example.

The location of the control panel in the vehicle varies depending on manufacturer and model.

If you would like to test control panel and its functions, click here.

  • User-friendly with clear touchscreen
  • Makes it simple to control the heating system and has smart additional functions such as night mode for example
  • Simple to supplement with control of accessories

First-class comfort behind the wheel

During the winter it is often raw and chilly in the driver's cab, not least on the floor

That’s when it’s cosy to supplement your vehicle with a heating mat from Alde. Our heating mat provides warm and cozy comfort for both you and your passengers.

The heating mat is connected to the ordinary heating system using quick-release couplings, which make it easy to fit and remove the mat as the season demands. It is available in various models and formats to suit your motorhome.

  • Provides cosy warmth in the driver’s cab while on the move
  • The material quality is adapted for commercial traffic, making it extremely hardwearing
  • Available in several different formats and versions adapted for different models of vehicle
  • Connects into Alde´s ordinary heating system with quick-release couplings

Distribute the power with Alde Load Monitor

Automatic output monitor for high electricity load

Sometimes you want to use more electrical products than there is electrical capacity for. A load monitor is then a smart accessory which ensures that the boiler does not use more power than the main fuse can handle.

The load monitor automatically senses and reduces the output of the boiler’s immersion heater. This will prevent the fuse from tripping when several high power electrical devices such as coffee makers, electric kettle. hair dryer or microwave are in use.

Discover Alde Original Accessories

We are constantly developing our range of smart accessories for your Alde Heating System

We have a range of somewhat smaller accessories, for example Alde Load Monitor, which prevents the fuse tripping when several appliances such as a hairdryer and/0r coffee machine are being used simultaneously. Click forward and discover more smart accessories!

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