What is Alde?

Inventors of hydronic radiant heating for travel trailers and RVs. We’ve been delivering the quietest, most comfortable mobile heating since 1949.


Alde Rask was an ingenious inventor, who founded the company in Sweden in 1949. In Alde's pioneering spirit we continue to innovate today, focusing on mobile heating for campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, RVs, and the inland waterways. Our strategy is to continue to be world leader in our field. We're constantly refining and improving our products, for better functionality, economy, and long-term durability.

Unobstrusive, invisible comfort is what we aim for every day.


Silent, even-temperature, with natural air movement. Hydronic radiant heating is always there, providing discreet heating, even in the depths of winter.

Not only does hydronic radiant heating mean you feel cozy and relaxed, it also means wholesome, dust-less air with natural humidity, so you feel fresher too.


Alde heating systems are probably the most reliable money can buy. Trouble-free heating and hot water, year-in, year-out. How do we do it? 

It's probably something to do with our origins. Scandinavia has a cold and rugged climate, so we must be sure our product functions reliably in all weather, even north of the Arctic Circle. We carry out cold chamber and field-testing to ensure quality, down to -30 °F, safeguarding our reputation for excellence since 1966, when our first furnace was launched.

Mobile heating and hot water

Hydronic radiant heating provides silent, even-temperatures, with natural air movement. The air you breathe is wholesome, dust-less, with natural humidity. In a word 'comfort'. Without fans blowing constantly, hydronic radiant heating makes the interior of your leisure vehicle a more pleasant place to be. Not only that, but the boiler also provides hot water for the shower and kitchen through an efficient heat exchange process.

Alde heating works on the same principles as those found in many modern homes. The heat source consists of a propane boiler with 120 V electric elements that heat a mixture of deionised water and propylene glycol (ethylene glycol in Europe). The hot glycol fluid is then circulated around interior pipes and heat emitters.

Finned convectors are located along the walls, behind the furniture, with vents at the bottom and top. The air is naturally drawn in through the heated fins, rising up to the ceiling and rolling over as it cools. Walls and interior surfaces are heated as the currents of warm air rise and spread. No more cold tabletops! The warm air currents also form a barrior in front of the windows, preventing cold draughts.

All this without a fan assist. But if you do need a dryer, in a shoe locker or across the door mat, a fan can be added to a finned convector, giving you the blow dry with no extra electrical heating elements.

In a full installation, the natural air currents from the Alde heating will wrap your entire living space in cozy warmth, eliminating draughts and cold/hot patches, and bringing work surfaces, tabletops, and wardrobes up to a pleasant temperature.

For the ultimate comfort, underfloor heating can be plumbed in, giving the floor a sunkissed temperature, so you can leave your shoes at the door.

Hot water, it comes as standard.

A quality company

We're proud to be the world leaders in our field. But we always remember that we were founded by an end user, Alde Rask, as dedicated a boondocker as ever there was. So your feedback is important to us, not for meeting targets or marketing purposes, but so that we can stay in touch with the lifeblood of our company. You.

Your experience with our product, how it changes and improves your leisure time—the most precious time we have on Earth—drives our quality and service.

Alde Compact 3020. An ingenious boiler

This is the world's most compact, lightweight combination boiler. Its dry weight is barely 31 lbs. Yet, thanks to its ingenious design, it produces both heating and hot water, for anything from a teardrop trailer to an A-class, running on propane, 120 V or both at the same time.