Continuous Hot Water

With the Alde Flow system, your hot showers are limited only by the size of your water tank.

Plumbing into the Alde Compact 3020 HE boiler, the Alde Flow provides continuous hot water.

Alde Flow Heating Diagram
One side of the Alde Flow plumbs into the heating

The Alde Flow is a cleverly designed heat exchanger, about the size of a shoe box. It has no electric heating elements inside, no gas combustion chamber, taking all its heat from a coil carrying glycol fluid from the boiler.

Alde Flow DHW Diagram
The other side of the Alde Flow plumbs into the domestic hot water (DHW)

Cold water comes into the Alde Flow, where it is warmed, taking the chill off, and is then carried to the Alde 3020 Compact HE boiler. There it's topped up with heat. The glycol fluid and domestic water never touch, but this process allows the boiler to provide continuous hot water at 104 °F.

It does this only by using the full power of the propane and electric heating in the Alde 3020 Compact HE boiler.