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Alde Thermostatic Mixing Valve 3

Art. no: 3102006

Thermostatic mixing valve with wall-mounting bracket. For prevention of hot water scalds by mixing hot water with cold before the outlet. Warm water temperature adjustable between 30 to 40 °C. Quick response with emergency cut-off and sediment filters. Highest standard, suitable for nursery and elderly care environments.
Integral Ø 12 mm JG Speedfit connections, no adaptors necessary.

Technical data
Breadth: 101 mm.
Height: 93 mm.
Depth with bracket: 30 mm.
Weight: 0,3 kg.
Maximum working pressure: 5,0 bar.
Minimum working pressure: 0,2 bar.
Minimum flow rate 15 mm: 1 l/min.
Temperature, hot supply: 55 °C - 65 °C (max 85 °C).
Temperature, cold supply: 5 °C - 25 °C.