1 October, 2019 Alde accessories

Antifreeze – more than just frost protection

You may already be aware that Alde Heating is a hydronic systems. This means that a heating fluid is heated up in the boiler and then circulated through pipework, which provides heat via emitters like convectors, towel radiators, etc.

The heating fluid contains an antifreeze that also protects against corrosion and bacterial growth, but these qualities deplete over time. Use only high quality ready-mixed glycol (with inhibitor) intended for aluminum heating systems. The heat transfer medium must be Propylene glycol based boiler antifreeze. The antifreeze must meet FDA (GRAS) standards or be non-toxic fluid having a toxicity rating or class of 1, as listed in Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th ed.

Purpose of antifreeze:

  • To facilitate the circulation and provide a pleasant and balanced heating system.
  • Anti-freezing.
  • Corrosion protection. Inhibitors form a protective coating inside the system.
  • Prevents bacterial growth.

What type of antifreeze should I choose?

  • Only use Alde approved antifreeze products.
  • Concentrated antifreeze should consist of 60% distilled water and 40% glycol. If the heating system will be exposed to temperatures below -15 °F (-25 °C), the glycol content must be increased but not to more than 50%.

By maintaining your heating fluid, you know that your system contains the right mix of antifreeze and water. That the risk of frost and corrosion damage and bacterial growth has been minimised. Equip your Alde Heating system with the best conditions for stable and pleasant heating.