10 April, 2024 Camping tips

Four quick tips before the spring season

Do you spend the winter months dreaming of spring road trips in your RV? Take care of your heating system maintenance before that first trip of the season to ensure long and safe ownership and so your holiday can be enjoyed without interruptions.


We’ve created a simple maintenance checklist to keep your vacation carefree. If find any faults or have questions, please contact an Alde-certified service location for assistance. Find your nearest service location here.

Is it time to change the glycol fluid?
The glycol fluid is necessary to prohibit corrosion and frost damage in the heating system. We recommend doing a full glycol change every two years to maintain its anti-corrosion benefits.

It is important to know when the glycol fluid was changed last, but even if the glycol is changed on schedule,  you will want to make sure that it is in good condition and that you have the correct amount in the system. This can be done by looking at the expansion vessel in the vehicle. It is time to change the glycol if it has an odor, has discolored, or has become turbid.

Does the vehicle get warm?
Start your heating system, let it run for a while, and make sure it is getting warm. If possible, we recommend letting the boiler run on both gas and electric, to “exercise” the system. This helps keep the system in good working condition.  If needed, renew the boiler’s air cushion, according to instructions in the heating systems user manual.

Is there water in the faucet?
With water in the fresh tank, open all faucets and shower hears to make sure you are getting both hot and cold water.

Is the gas installation secure?
One of the things service centers will check during a full RV inspection is the gas system. You will also want to make sure your system is secure and all connections are tight. You should regularly check the gas hoses in your vehicle. Check that the hoses are intact and free of cracks and that the hoses have not expired.