28 January, 2020 Alde control panel

Alde Control Panel: Night Mode

The Night Mode function was developed to raise the nightly comfort in your caravan or RV. For example, it is well known that we sleep better in lower temperatures, therefore it is possible to set another temperature at night. Alde Night Mode can automatically adjust a number of chosen settings with a timer.

Change temperature during the night. As simple as it sounds, in Night Mode there is the possibility to set a temperature. This temperature will only apply when Night Mode is on and within the chosen time.

Accessory: If you also have a bedroom sensor (may be retrofitted) in your caravan/ RV you can choose to regulate the temperature after the sensor in the bedroom. This enables an even better sleeping environment.

Turn off background lightning. In Night Mode you can chose to turn off background lightning on the Alde Control Panel. Simply to avoid having the Control Panel lighting up the caravan or RV at night.

Turn off hot water. This function is especially good for those who run their system on gas. Every time the boiler starts to produce heat/ hot water a solenoid valve is opened, which gives of a silent ticking noise. At the same time the exhaust pipe can make a faint sound.

The sound from the solenoid valve and the exhaust pipe are very low and usually goes unnoticed during the day, but at night when it gets quiet they appear more distinct. However, if you turn off the hot water supply the boiler starts more seldom and the noises therefore less frequently.

Accessory: Turn off the underfloor heating during the night. Just as with the hot water supply the boiler starts less frequently if the underfloor heating is turned off.

Accessory: For those who have an Truma AC fitted in their vehicle (may be retrofitted) you can choose to automatically put this in quiet mode when Night Mode starts.

How to set up Night Mode

Choose your settings (voluntary)

  • Dark Control Panel
  • Hot water off
  • Change to bedroom sensor
  • Underfloor heating off
  • Quiet AC
  • Set the desired temperature
  • Enter chosen time for turning Night Mode on and off
  • Last but most important, press “Off” to start.


Set the timer to turn Night Mode off a while before you usually go up, then the vehicle is warm and hot water is available already in the morning.

Ps. There is also Day Mode!